Saturday, December 12, 2009

Testing the MaStory blogging client

Eventhough Nokia's own Ovi service doesn't support their N900, the device luckily comes with easy access to the Maemo Repository. This is a test blogupload with the MaStory blogging client from this repository.

The application lets you configure your blogging account very easily and it only took me a quick run through my username and password and blog URL. The application supports adding images to your posts from your phone, but also from online sharing networks Picasa and Flickr. Pretty neat!

MaStory also supports the easy adding of links, HTML tags, tag adding and categorizing your post. To top it off MaStory offers you to preview your text before publish. :)

Only things I might like to se in future versions would be the implementation of keyboard shortcuts for editing the text, such as ctrl + b for bold. However, standard HTML is supported so you can always type away or just use the cool HTML adding graphical menu.

This app is very functional and has a great, seamless look to it. It blends right in with the rest of Maemo and with the help of a few good apps you can get blogging needing nothing besides your device. This is true mobility.

(C) Christopher Peake 2009

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