Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Google's new market strategy follow-up: Apple removes Google as default search engine on the iPhone?

Yup, there's a rumour out that in the future, Google's search engine wont be the default search engine on the applephone, also known as the iPhone. In my view, this is naturally proof to my beliefs that by entering the mobile phone industry (in addition to mobile app industry), Google's started to make enemies out of old compadres.

First to report was Engadget, although I imagine this is popping up all over the web. While I'm not entirely sure what 'bunging' is exactly, it's worth checking out Engadget's story here.

To me this is particularly important, because this is probably an example of what will happen in the future. Apple made a big commitment to Google by including Google's search engine as the default in the browser (and later in the OS itself with 3G S, v. 3.0 OS) and by making Google Maps the default and therefore Only mapping program on the phone. In my view, Apple probably got a bit pissed about Google Navigation as well, as it was exclusively for the Motorola DROID only, and is at the moment by far the best mapping program there was. Perhaps Nexus One was the final drop for Apple.

Whatcha' doin', Google?

(c) Christopher Peake

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