Monday, February 15, 2010

Nokia Ovi mail e-mail program settings

This post has the required e-mail settings to read Nokia's Ovi Mail in an e-mail client such as Thunderbird, Outlook and Evolution.

I've recently moved to reading my e-mail on e-mail clients instead of webmails. Personally I use Ubuntu's Evolution Mail and so I started looking for the necessary settings to get Ovi mail to work in my client.

I finally figured them out:
Username: (<- remember the "")
Password: yourpw

Receiving server:
Secured with: SSL

Sending server:
Secured with: SSL
Authenticate via: Login

Password: yourpw


I wasn't getting any Google hits, so once I figured this out, I thought I'd post these settings here. Hopefully from now on people can find these settings a little easier.

- Chris 2010

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  1. Fantastic! I just needed this information to make my use of Ubuntu and specialy Evolution complete!