Friday, July 30, 2010

The N8, when and for how much?

I spotted a link from a well-known Russian someone always in with the Nokia leaks and insider info.

Enter Eldar Murtazin, once again. His link " " provides some insider information on for how much the N8 will go for sale in Russia at least.

The article says that the N8 will begin selling late September, with September 25th as a "tentative" date. The device will sail your way after dishing out 460-475 euros. 

Perhaps a biggest surprise however is with what the N8 is shipped: turns out that Nokia will be handing out free pouch/carry bag/bumper things to go with the devices. Apparently, though you will only get these babies in black.
Here's a pic of the supposed carrybag thing:

Okay not the coolest things in the world, but I've seen worse. Now will Nokia actually be shipping both of these items with the phones? And why will they be doing this? I guess they're trying to let nothing come in the way of Nokia having a successfull release of the N8 (with Apple's antennagate in mind).

Another rumour (?) in the piece of news is that users on the Asian front ("China and several markets") will receive a stylus with the device. This will naturally have to be a special stylus for the capacitive screen that the device has.

Firmware updates

According to the Russian blogpost, the N8 will receive its first firmware update sometime late November. Now what this software update is for I can't really tell from the translation, but a world release of the N8 might occur in October with some relation to this software update.

Apparently Nokia have decided to make the N8 the ultimate multimedia device and so the device will be updated to support various codecs. The Symbian^3 operating system receives weekly updates that address mostly minor annoyances at this point.

Read the entire translated article Here.

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