Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jolla promises to fight low app count with "interesting solution"

This article is based on Finnish magazine IT-Viikko's article on the newly announced Jolla Mobile startup. This article is a "translation" out of request by Tomi Ahonen.

Jolla Mobile is every MeeGo and mobile Linux enthusiast's new best friend, and probably the most interesting startup from Finland in mid-2012. Jolla Mobile promises to "continue" Nokia's MeeGo work with MeeGo powered devices of their own. 

One of the problems facing the start-up is answering the competition over apps. Modern day smartphone platforms thrive on the apps they run, and the competition (Android, iOS, and even Symbian) have appstores filled to the brimm with apps. It is still uncertain, if apps made for Nokia's N9 device can be run on the to-be-announced range of MeeGo devices from Jolla.

According to Finnish magazine IT-Viikko, CEO of Jolla Mobile Jussi Hurmola promises that Jolla has "an interesting answer" to the challenge.
' It is evident that we must face up to this challenge. Our solution is so interesting, though that it is better left for revealing at the same time with our announcements.' Hurmola says cryptically. The CEO is reluctant to address confusion over whether apps from the MeeGo-Harmattan device N9 will work on Jolla's devices.

To add to the secrecy, Hurmola adds that 'we have contemplated a total separation from so called smartphones, although our first product will be a phone.' Jolla Mobile's first device will arrive before year's end. 'New device categories pop up all the time, and they change every year.' he says. 'It will be interesting to see, what kinds of new device categories will emerge.'

Jolla has "open and close" relations to Nokia says Hurmola. Nokia gave Jolla Mobile a share of patents that relate to MeeGo. (This turns out to be incorrect, also IT-Viikko corrected themselves! Thanks for the tip!) Jolla has participated in Nokia's Bridge-programme, where Jolla's business plan was reviewed and accepted by Nokia. Nokia's Bridge-programme attempts to ease the formation of startups of former Nokia employees.


  1. "Nokia gave Jolla Mobile a share of patents that relate to MeeGo."

    Is this an accurate translation of the original Finnish text?

    1. Hi 'Anonymous'!

      Thanks for pointing that out. Made me go to the original site, to see that they had added a note, that in fact information on the patents was incorrect. Jolla Mobile did NOT receive patents regarding MeeGo from Nokia!

      Thanks for noticing!

  2. Is the original text in Tietoviikko changed after the translation is done? I can see some similarities in both versions, but looks like that something has been added by the translator himself and something's been left out. For instance, the first paragraph on the English version is nowhere in the Finnish version.

    1. Yes I suppose I should've made more clear, that this is a freestyle summary of sorts of the article. It is only *based* on the article and it isn't a strict translation, therefore the quotation marks around the world translation in the very top description.

      This text includes only the parts of the article I've chosen for translation, in the order that I felt was most fitting to the style of my blog. Do you feel it eats away from the credibility of my article?

      Thanks for bringing this credibility and reliability question into my attention!

  3. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the clarification. I'm the one who asked about the translation. Well understood and I guess OK for most of us. However, during the times Meego has been a hot topic due to Nokia's decision on it and due to Nokia's own troubles, we can surely expect big standing ovations to Jolla, just because of so many of us have strong, positive feelings on Meego. And at the same time, so many of us have so negative thoughts on Nokia. I, as a Finn, surely hope that all parties involved with Meego, Jolla, Nokia and Others will make it.

    Credibility is indeed something to think about, should you value it high. And looks to me you do, many others don't. ;-)