Monday, August 30, 2010

A Collection of Good Reads on Nokia

Inspired by an article written by Kyron over at, I decided to put together a list of links to interesting articles about Nokia and the mobile industry.

With Nokia World 2010 coming up it's good to stop for a moment and make sure that your perspective of Nokia is accurate. So below I've tried to list the articles that have profound insight or a more holistic view of the mobily industry. All articles below understand that the history of the mobile industry didn't start with the iPhone nor even the Motorola Razr. The articles are in no particular order.

#1) The already mentioned article from recapping the past 8 months of Nokia:

#2) Juhani Risku, former Nokia CEO shares his thoughts on how Nokia should be "rescued":

#3) Symbian-Freak  Chris McFann: "The truth about Nokia, Symbian, Maemo, Nokia N900 and the Nokia N97", written about a year ago in August 2009, this article still rings true:

#4) Feel that Nokia should adopt Android? Read this to find out why that's completely off:

#5) Hear it from the horse's (Anssi Vanjoki's) mouth: Nokia will not adopt Android:

#6) Check yourself in to what MeeGo really is about in this good summary by Kyron over at

#7) A great recap of sir Tomi Ahonen's report on the marketshare situation Q3 2010. Mindhsare, marketshare and the truth about Apple's influence:

And finally:

#8) What exactly did current Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo inherit? Is the buzz generated by Wall Street Journal really accurate? Another one of Tomi's children gets shortened down, this time by Mobile Industry Review here:

What do you think of these articles? Are there any more like these worth knowing about?

Let's hear about it in the comments.

- Chris

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  1. Infinite thanks to,,, Tomi Ahonen,, Juhani Risku, WSJ and everyone else that helped spread this wealth in Twitter!