Friday, August 27, 2010

Quick hands-on with the Nokia C6

Hello, folks!

Today the Nokia C6 arrived for sale at the store I work in, and I got a chance to snap some photos of it with my N900. I also managed to play around for it a little, but here are the photos up front:

All in all the Nokia C6 feels like a sturdy device, weighing in at 150 grams. It's mostly plastic, but some metallic highlights really make a difference. Also, I'm simply nuts about the backplate and the overall matte finish that engulfs this nifty device.

Two things struck me the most about the C6:

The status of the memory of the device straight out of the box.
See that? That's ~250Mb of internal memory for the phone. Right off the bat I associated the C6 to the 5800XM which I have previously used. My number one gripe with that device is the miniscule phone memory. Like you can see in the photo, this device comes with ~250Mb internal storage (I had stuff pre-installed), plus that 2Gb memory card. In practice this means that the device is snappier than the 5800XM.

Oh baby.
Oh baby that keyboard there is a heartbreaker. Lovely slightly rough, matte finish, the orange highlights and four rows of loveliness makes typing a worthwhile experience on the C6. Note also, that the d-pad is on the right side of the device. What you see here is the Scandinavian key layout.

The (somewhat) bad:

This is a S60 5th Edition device. My heart bleeds for this fact, but sadly it's the truth. This means that the device suffers in:
- No "wow" for the eye
- Functional, but primitive in presentation
- Limited browser experience, although all S60 device browsers beat for eg. the Android browser.
- Mucking about with your photos is slow, unintuitive and irregular.

Finally, an example shot from the C6 5Mp cam with CZ optics:
The grand Nokia N900, captured by the C6.

At the moment of typing this, the Nokia C6 clocks in at a good 300+ euros, but I expect this price to come down fairly soon. Trying to understand the focus group for this device is hard for me, because no mature person would buy this phone with this OS, but then again it's too advanced and serious to be a teen's device. That said, I'm considering getting this device my self once the price drops to around 200€.

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